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Ozone Catalyst 2015 7 meter NEW KO 699 euro LAST ONE!!!!

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€ 699,00
Brand: OzoneOzone

Pump 2 liter double action BIG
Pump & Pressure Gauge & reinforced hoseInformation

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 7 meter RED  



The Catalyst is a confidence inspiring kite, allowing you to push your limits easily and safely. It’s a favorite across the world and our top selling model; the true do it all kite because of its versatility. The Catalyst performs equally well in all aspects of the sport, satisfying a wide variety of riders and styles.

For Freeriders the Catalyst continues to please no matter what board you choose to ride on the day. From twintip, surfboard or foil board the Catalysts smooth power delivery, refined predictable handling and excellent de-power allows the rider to relax and enjoy the ride.

The Catalyst is an amazing Freestyle starting block delivering consistent feeling and performance, allowing you to push your limits. Its Open-C design offers a subtle C-kite feel without being too aggressive. These attributes make progress easy from your first unhooked moves, kite loops and right up to advanced unhooked riding.

In the waves the Catalyst is a top performer. Once again the handling, de-power and float opens up a world of opportunity on the wave. For surf freestyle the progressive handling with smooth lift make spinning and airborne tricks easy to learn and land. It’s not as dedicated a wave kite as the Reo, but it delivers solid wave riding performance for beginner to advanced riders.

As an entry level kite the Catalyst is the perfect choice. It is easy to ride and fly and can take you from being new to kiting all the way to advanced riding. The user-friendly flight characteristics, simple re-launch and excellent de-power means progress is quick and safe.

As with all Ozone products, we pride ourselves with top of the line manufacturing in our own factory, using the highest quality materials suited for the job. The new Catalyst is constructed with quality proven Teijin D2 canopy material and Teijin Dacron providing a crisper feel and a stronger kite.


  • Kite 
  • Technical bag 
  • Contact Control System 
  • Short Kite Leash 
  • Repair Pack 
  • Manual 
  • Stickers, Key-ring 


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  • Versatile Open-C design 
  • User-friendly flight characteristics 
  • Predictable handling and excellent de-power range 
  • Simple re-launch 
  • 4-line pulley-less system (no pulleys, no problems) 
  • Comparable feeling throughout the size range 
  • One-Pump system for quick and easy setup 
  • High volume inflate/deflate valve 
  • Multiple trimming options for customized handling and bar pressure 
  • Color coded and numbered fool proof line connectors


  • Exceptional hand checked Ozone factory construction using the highest quality materials 
  • Teijin TechnoForce D2 canopy material 
  • Teijin Dacron for the L.E. & Struts 
  • Internal reinforcements for improved durability with double layer Dacron inside the LE closing seam 
  • Double stitched bonded seams 
  • Dacron reinforced tip area for load distribution 
  • Reinforced leading edge and struts in high stress areas 
  • Reinforced trailing edge 
  • Light weight & low profile aerodynamic leading edge scuff pads 
  • Unique bladder construction with double layer section in wear areas 
  • Ozone warranty and back-up service guaranteed 


4m             45cm
6m             45cm
7m             45cm
8m             50cm
9m             50cm
10m             50cm
12m             50cm
14m             55cm


Ozone Catalyst 2015 Kite Ozone Catalyst 2015 Wing Tip Ozone Catalyst 2015 Canopy Ozone Catalyst 2015 Side Ozone Catalyst 2015 Profile Ozone Catalyst 2015 Valve




The2015 Ozone Catalyst is, according to their website, the top selling kite from Ozone: the true do it all kite because of its versatility. The Catalyst performs equally well in all aspects of the sport, satisfying a wide variety of riders and styles.We have heard that a lot of times before, but it is thé Ozone kite the average kiter would choose, so we had a go with it and tested it.

Ozone has six different tube kites. There is one wave kite, a trainer tube kite and a race kite. The riding style for the Catalyst is placed between the Edge (hang time kite) and the C-kite C4. The Catalyst 2015 has a common (for cross-over/do it all kites) set up with 3 struts, one pump (without exact pressure instructions) and options to set the steering lines at the tip at several positions for more or less bar pressure and quicker/slower response of the kite.

There are four gummy feeling “battens”,  at the trailing edge of the kite which we have not seen before. We have the impression these gummy battens are meant to reduce any shaking of the canopy. Funny little detail is that the size indicator figure eight is very largely written on the canopy. The way it is written can also be interpreted as an eleven…

Gummy battens on the trailing edge
Gummy battens on the trailing edge
Ozone Catalyst 2015 8m
Ozone Catalyst 2015 8m

Bar and lines 

There is little to find on the Ozone 2015 contact bar that isn’t taken care of. It has a nice grip, a good safety system, a fair power/depower system (with a magnetic cord that won’t bounce around when depowered), a tiwstable/turnable depower line and a unique Ozone swiffel at the very low split point of the front lines. The four lines are 25m (20m or even 15m is also opted), which up front gave us a bit a sceptical feeling about such long lines. The bridles (without pulleys) are wide; they reach all the way to the middle section near the wide in/deflate, like for example theCabrinha Fxhas, including the soft shelf to protect the canopy.

Suicide mode Catalyst
Suicide mode Catalyst (fits all leashes)
Split point swiffel bar Ozone
Split point swiffel bar Ozone

The only criticism we could think off where the unprotected hard edges on the end of the bar (possible damage to a wave board for example) and there is no (active) stopper ball system present. But those two issues are only there since we couldn’t find any others.

The test

We used a 2015 8m Ozone Catalyst in both under and pretty powered conditions with gusty and rainy 22-28 knots of wind on open sea with small to medium waves. At the same time we used a F-one Bandit 7 and a North Dice 2015 7m. Up front we thought that the 25m lines (most lines of other brands are a few meters less) in combination with a low split point of the front lines would result in a boring/slow kite with no direct response and thus a no fun kite. We were wrong, very wrong. The kite was surprisingly direct and alive, we really liked that! The Catalyst is not a game changer on any of the single disciplines of kiteboarding, but it works close to perfect on everything you want from a kite (except race). It handles really easy, with medium bar pressure (we preferred for sure the outer setting on the tips for the steering lines which gives lighter bar pressure, which in this setting is like the F-one Bandit and a tiny bit heavier than theNorth Dice). Looping the kite needs much less input as a Vegas orBest TSand even a bit less than the Bandit. The pull from the loop is medium to soft. Finding the Catalysts ideal pop moment is not hard to find; Timing the Catalyst for a jump is quite easy and due to to the medium bar pressure you don’t need to look or focus on where the kite is. It will give a medium pop which will not break the Woo world record of jumping heights, but it will get you air born with a big smile. It neither will give you the air time like the Ozone Edge, but it is so much more fun to ride the Catalyst due to its lively feeling. The upwind performance was good (just as good as the Bandit and the Dice), the low-end was even a bit better than the Bandit (probably due the long lines) and even a tiny bit better than the Dice. Handling the wind lulls (which we really had a lot in the test) is best to deal with actively (moving the kite around); The Catalyst is not meant for racing and maybe related to this deals a bit less easy with wind lulls. Powering the kite due to a gust will be felt, in a positive way, but it some how releases the power so it is limited in its aggression(on the contrary with a c-shaped kite which will let you know the gust is there in a aggressive way). The trailing edge with the gummy battens, who do their stability work but, just as the Bandit, it does shake a bit in a heavy gust.

Ozone Catalyst 2015

Most riders will not be limited with this kite and will benefit of it’s broad capabilities with close to perfect performance on most of the disciplines. Sometimes we test a kite and are finished with it within a couple of sessions, but with the Catalyst we just kept kiting the rest of the day with a very satisfied and happy feeling.



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