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Shinn Kiteboard Speedball W16 USED complete with NEW vinns, NEW sneaker 5 straps and pads

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Brand: ShinnShinn

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Shinn Speedball 132cm x 41 cm  Width16 inch    




Once in a while a revolution comes along. The Shinn Speedball thinks outside the box to create freeriding more dynamic than it’s ever been before.

The Speedball doesn’t fit into any other category of twin tip. It maybe better to ask what it’s not, it’s not limited to one riding style, it’s not limited to a certain wind range and it won’t disappoint you no matter what day you ride it.

Combining un-precedented width to length ratios this rocketship brings the small board feeling to larger riders and leads the twintip charge in the waves. It’s all about glide and float - the extra width keeps the Speedball floating over white water, let’s you harness the power of the wave and tolerates small lags in kite-power without stalling and sinking up to your waist.

The Shinn Speedball is not just a game changer, it’s a whole new way of looking at the water. Complete with new tail composites for more pop and comfort, a new outline for more grip and more drive.

Shinn Speedball Wingers:

Introducing wingers into the outline has allowed Shinn to maintain the length of the Speedball and yet decrease the outline curve between the feet giving a more balanced edge grip and faster upwind drive, yet at the same time maintaining the carving and glide this board has become famous for.
The Speedball excels as a twin tips in the waves and works un-paralleled as a one board solution for larger riders - anywhere, any time and anyhow, don’t judge it till you’ve tried it.

Often used in surfboard design but relatively new in twin tips the winger serves to reduce the tail width quickly yet without introducing too much curve into the outline.

In the case of the Speedball, Shinn wanted to improve the edge grip and upwind ability through straightening the outline between the feet yet maintain the super short length and relatively narrow tip and tail that made this board feel both so small for its size and be so much fun to ride in waves. The wingers let us achieve all of this, especially in the case of the new W19, shaping a board of this width and length in a traditional manner simply produces too much curve in the outline leading to a narrow usable stance on the board.

The tips are incredibly flexible, with a constant thickness taper to the core (a brand new style of deck mould for Shinn) and the outline is half way between freeride and freestyle.

Shinn Kiteboarding Speedball Kitesurf Kiteboarding Board

Shinn Kiteboarding Speedball Kitesurf Kiteboarding BoardThink the dimensions of the Speedball don't look that radical?

By utlizing a tip and tail shape derived from surf orientated boards and not wake boards, Shinn have reduced the working length of the board over it's actual length by more than 15% and thats's why it has so much rangeand yet feels so small under foot.

A = Reduced Length + effortless feeling under your feet.

Shinn Kiteboarding Speedball Kitesurf Kiteboarding BoardIf the working board length is so much shorter then why not make the board itself so much shorter?

The answer is ROCKER. On such a short board it's challenge to make enough lift in the tips to avoid spray and nose diving and yet not make it a power hungry slugger.

Shinn's unique end game gives the board nearly 20% more rocker at release than there would be at the 'functional' length.

Shinn Kiteboarding Speedball Kitesurf Kiteboarding Board

B = Rocker = avoid spray + anti nose diving + no slugger madness.

Shinn Kiteboarding Speedball Kitesurf Kiteboarding Board
Shinn Kiteboarding Speedball Kitesurf Kiteboarding BoardDoes the Shinn Speedball still float?

When Shinn talk about "forgiving", one of the key factors is float.

It would be easy to call this volume but in reality a twintiip has no significant volume and thus any significant floatation. But what is does have in surface area and thus the resistance to stay on the water surface during short periods without power in the kite.

The wider the board, the better the resistance, making the Shinn Speedball unmatched for "floating" through more moves and making you look better on the water.

C = Surface Area = Floatability

Shinn Kiteboarding Speedball Kitesurf Kiteboarding Board Shinn Kiteboarding Speedball Kitesurf Kiteboarding BoardAnything else I need to know?

The key to the incredible carving ability of the Shinn Speedball not only lies in the outline and rocker but also in the fin positioning.

Putting the fins at the edges of the boards gives more grip, putting them closer to your feet give better carving. By making the board radically shorter means Shinn can put the fins both nearer to your feet AND closer to the edge of the board.

If it sounds like the best of both worlds, that's because it is!

D = More Grip + More Carving

There are also a number of things that make the Shinn Speedball ride so well:


No spray, ever, no matter how choppy, no matter what your stance is, what your carving position, where you place your pads; it’s gone, completely. The Speedball has cured it using only limited rocker curve, so it’s still efficient with a wide windrange.


The flex, grip and ease of the Speedball makes it a total joy in chop. Whether you are riding in 6 metre kite conditions, the Speedball makes it easy, relaxed and fun.


It’s a board that you can push to the ragged edge of control, without ever feeling nervous or hesitant. The first thing to come unstuck is never your stance or balance!

Even-Foot Pressure:

Every twin suffers from back foot loading, but some twins have to be ridden with excessive back foot pressure, either to stop the nose from burying when things get out of shape, or to stop you getting spray in your face. The Speedball is a joy, it feels so solid underfoot that you can shift you weight around a great deal – even 50-50 when you are tired. Ride it hour after hour and your sessions will be so much fun!


Toeside carving on a twin is always going to be tenuous. Heelside carving is better than many directional boards. Not only does it grip through the turn, without ever feeling like it’s going to pop out (the more you push the deeper into the water it sinks), but it stores so much speed – when you come out of the most aggressive of carves you are still really travelling. It’s incredible round corners.

Straight-Line Stability:

The rocker is naturally very stable with any outline, but the Speedball outline proved to be even more stable and efficient. It encourages you to push faster and harder until you can push no more. So effortless to ride; so trusting that in a straight line it never comes unstuck, which makes it perfect for experts and intermediates alike.


The ability of the board to heel-side carve without losing speed makes it excellent for wake style pop, as well as having plenty of traditional pop. Hardcore freestyle is easily within it’s grasp but for everyone who does not spend half their session unhooked the Speedball is a far superior board for multidiscipline freestyle.

Choosing your board size:
Whilst many riders still look at the length of the board when choosing their size it's much more relevant to look at the width. The length of the board can be affected by the shaping of the tip and tail - which in reality plays no part in the performance of the board.

To clarify the situation further the difference in surface are between a 130x40 and a 130x42 is approximately 260cm2 whilst increasing the length of a 130x40 to 135x40 would give an increase in surface area of less than 200cm2 - nearly 25% less!

Who is the board designed for:
For anyone with aggressive tendencies it’s so much fun. For the nervous it’s ideal, in truth this board is for everyone. Although the Speedball can be aggressive, it is NEVER difficult or uncomfortable.


132cm Length x Width - 48.5cm (19") - Riders over 100kg


  • SQ1 or SQ2 top mould depending on size
  • Constant Curve Rocker
  • Progressive Concave
  • Full wood core
  • Supplied with BITE 57mm fins
  • Sneaker X connection system

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