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Naish Ride 8 meter NEW kite only

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€ 1.049,00

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€ 699,00
Brand: NaishNaish

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NEW kite model 2017 no bag kite only enjoy the discount!

Lighter riders love the Ride. It excels at flying in under-powered conditions due to it's two strut lightweight feel. Don't let the light weight fool you, this kite is as durable as they come. We beat them up every day during lessons, and they hold up better than most kites out there.

Naish Ride Tech Specs:
• Available in 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 11m, 12m, and 14m sizes
• Canopy stabilizers
• Two Strut Design
• Easy water relaunch
• Compression kite bag
• High volume single point inflation valve with Octopus Inflation System

What We Like:
The lightweight design of the Ride allows it to fly underpowered for the lighter kiter. With two struts the kite will fly when other kites are falling out of the sky. This is the number one choice at REAL for teaching smaller riders like kids and women, who are often using smaller kites in lighter conditions compared to larger riders. 

Because the Ride does not have a center strut, there is no resistance and the center of the kite can produce max power. This is really noticeable in the bigger sizes like the 12m and 14m that have the power of kites a couple meters larger. 

The water relaunch of the Ride is effortless. The curved wing tips allow the kite to roll onto its side and the wing tip is wide enough that the kite will park itself at the edge of the wind window and wait for you to relaunch. The two struts give it enough structure so the kite will not get water on top of the canopy and get stuck in the water.

The Ride is very easy to kite since it has a very consistent power delivery when you pull the bar in or push it away. If you are making mistakes and over or under sheeting this kite, it will not mess up your kiteboarding.

Insider Info:
The Ride will fly on equal line lengths like most kites on the market. They differ from many other brands because the kite has knots on the leading edge and loops on the trailing edge of the kite. This can be easily adapted to fit non-Naish bars by switching the pigtails. Any bar that you use, this kite will fly best with one to two inches of depower pulled to get the proper tune.

The Octopus single point inflation system is awesome because you can fully deflate the struts by opening the dump valves on the struts. The internal one pump system will not blow off on a crash or get caught on a line during relaunch either. The downside of an internal one pump system is that the Octopus system is difficult to change bladders if you have to.

We have seen intermediate riders loving the easy jumping and boosting of the Ride, and wave riders are loving the drift in the surf.

Why you want the Naish Ride:
The Ride is perfect for any beginner or intermediate kiteboarding. This kite makes kiteboarding easy. We love them for people under 150 lbs since they fly so well when you are using them underpowered. If you are over 150 lbs, you will really appreciate the low end grunt and big wind range.

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