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NAISH Hover titan 2018 used as DEMO complete with Windsurf vin UNUSED! FREE SHIPPING ONLY in THE NETHERLANDS

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€ 2.399,00

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€ 1.799,00
Brand: NaishNaish

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Perfecting the trend in shorter/wider/thinner freeride boards, the Hover Titan 120 offers extremely early planing and great all-around freeride performance with minimal effort. Suitable for all levels, this board is effortless for beginners, yet performance-oriented for the veteran windsurfer. Fast and fun in all conditions, you can step onto this foilboard and instantly feel comfortable! The relatively long, flat rocker makes the transition from non-planing to planing, getting into footstraps and planing through lulls nearly seamless. The rocker and compact outline also make the Hover Titan 120 less sensitive to “fore and aft trim” than other boards—giving them a very wide “sweet spot.” This makes going upwind and jibing at both low and high speeds extremely easy. A slight kick in rocker in the last few inches of the tail also gives this board great top speed when compared to “the competition”. Truly versatile, the Hover Titan 120 can be ridden as a true windsurf board—using the powerbox fin—or connect to your windsurf foil.



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