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Moses T22 MINI Pocketboard MADE BY MOSES Board T22 - Carbon Reinforced

€ 549,00 Brand: Moses HydroFoilMoses HydroFoil

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Board T22 - Carbon Reinforced  


A short board, that takes advantage of the compact design.



A short board, only 109 cm x 43.5, that takes advantage of the compact design. This board delivers you the max control in any situation . Strapless freestyle, wave riding or pumping or simple cruising, everything is possible with the T22. Its size makes this board ideal for travel . Designed for medium to expert riders, T22 has a perfect balance 

Super light and fast responsiveness, the only 2.2 cm thickness makes you feel a even direct control of the foil. Only 1.9 kilo, Carbon reinforced for a durable construction.


Size 109x43.5x2.2
Weight 1.9 Kg


  • Low-profile skate-style shape 
  • Super light only 1.9 kilo
  • Flat deck 
  • Extremely compact for travel and transport
  •  low profile, durable construction, carbon reinforced
  • Full-length deck pad for grip & cushion
  • 2 front straps


Super light super small   

 109 x 43 x 2.2 cm  1.9 kilo!   8 holes perfect for  COMET VORACE ONDA and FLUENTE

Fast responsive riding

The T22 factoryboard made by Moses  is a compact board intended for medium to expert foilers.

Extremely light board with 4 holes mast connection to the board.

This pocket board is ideal for freestyle 


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