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Shinn SHINNSTER Board only WAVE SKIM USED (board only)

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Brand: ShinnShinn

_Shinn foilplate for FOILBOARDS like El Stubbo and SHINNSTERInformation

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SHINNSTER 2016 from SHINNWORLD on Vimeo.

Including 2 BITE fins 57 mm 


Make your choice from fins only for conventional riding or enjoy the full package with straps, surf pads, foil and plate for the open minded. Wax it, pad it, fin it or foil it – the Shinnster oozes style but only you can decide which one on which day.

The Shinnster is available as 
* Classic package includes deck and 2x 57mm fins 
* Fully equiped foil package including deck, 2 x 57mm fins, foil plate and your choice of ALU  Zeeko foil. or Moses FOIL


  • Strapped, Strapless or Foil use 
  • Highly evolved flex pattern for ease of use 
  • 1, 2 or 3 strap possibiltiies 
  • Full wood core and adapted for Foil Plate use 
  • Choice of Conventional or Foiling package 
  • Made in Europe 
  • 2 Year Warranty on all parts 
  • Size 160x46

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