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Ozone WASP KiteWING 5 meter EMERALD used

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Brand: OzoneOzone

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 USED in mint condition color EMERALD


The Ozone Wasp is a Kite Wing that crosses easily from water, land or snow. It offers easy power for anything that rolls, slides, planes or glides. Use it with your Skateboard, Mountain Board, Skis, Snowboard, SUP, Windsurf or Foil board. Simple, quick and a whole load of fun!

Concentrating on making the WASP easy to fly and handle, the large size Leading Edge creates stability and reduces flex, it also helps develop power at low speeds to get you moving sooner. The enlarged strut provides direct angle of attack control, as flex is minimal offering a solid and controlled feeling.

Ozone have kept the aspect ratio low to have a wing that has grunt and to keep the tips from catching the water. The wing tips have a layer of scuff protection for riding on snow or land, although it is best to keep the wing off the ground! 

Multiple Power Handles on the Leading Edge and Strut have been positioned to cover many options, providing maximum control and comfort while riding. The streamline De-Power Handle at the front of the Leading Edge completely de-powers the wing for total control when carving downwind in swell or when carrying the wing.

On the water the WASP has been developed riding SUP, Windsurf and Foil boards. The simple nature of the wing makes it suitable for riding any board that has enough volume to support your weight on the water. In strong wind conditions and with developed skills it is also possible to ride with smaller volume hydrofoil boards.

On the land or snow minimal wind is required to harness the natural energy to enjoy a different feeling of propulsion.

Whilst the 4m is ideal for most riders, the 5m and 6m have been specially designed for light winds and/or heavier riders over 90kg for us in 10-20 knots. The large size Leading Edge creates stability and reduces flex, it also helps develop power at low speeds to get you moving sooner. The rigidity of the high volume Leading Edge and Strut make it very efficient in light winds to pump the wing to generate speed.

Foiling in 5-10 knots with a large front wing is the perfect way to cruise while learning tacks and gybes, a steady breeze and calm water conditions make for a fast learning curve.

The 5m is big enough for most riders looking for their large size Wasp wing. It is easy enough to handle and has great low end grunt. If you are less than 90kg and looking for a fun light wind wing the 5m would be the size to consider.

The 6m is more wing to handle, due to its dimensions the wing tips are closer to the surface and will require extra attention to not catch water or rub it on the ground. It has amazing low end abilities to get you going in the lightest breeze, however if you are 90kg or above and mainly ride in 15 knot+ winds the 5m could be the better option.

Key Features:

  • Teijin TechnoForce D2 & Teijin Dacron
  • Double Stitched Folded Seams
  • Reinforced Trailing Edge
  • Unique Bladder Construction
  • One-Pump Inflation System
  • Technical Rucksack
  • De-Power Handle
  • Internal Reinforcements
  • Direct Connect Strut
  • Low Profile Aerodynamic Scuff Pads
  • High Volume Inflate / Deflate Valve
  • Power Handles
  • Wrist Leash


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