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O'neill wetsuit HYPERFREAK FIRE 5/4 size XL and MT LAST ONE Hyperfreak Fire 5/4+mm Chest Zip Full Wetsuit Men BLACK/BLACK

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Year: 2023Model: 5550Colour: Black

The O'Neill Hyperfreak Fire range focuses on extreme warmth, high performance, increased durability, and comfort. All-new sustainable, buttery soft, heat recirculating TechnoButter 4 materials line each suit. These technologically advanced materials plus water-tight Fluid Seam construction have created a new cold water legend. Fire red-hot heat takes the innovative Hyperfreak legacy to the next level.


  • Plus 0.5mm for additional warmth
  • Anti-flush barrier
  • Drainholes prevent water from entering suit
  • Minimal seam design
  • Recycled materials - tb4; tb4x; tb4 firewall
  • Tapered fit wrist & ankle seals
  • Pl wrist & ankle seals
  • Krypto knee padz


  • Glued & blind-stitched
  • Exterior fluid seam weld
  • Tb4x arms & entry
  • Tb4 firewall front, back, thigh, & butt
  • Tb4 top shoulder & low legs


O’Neill Hyperfreak – the world’s leading performance wetsuits.

The O’Neill Hyperfreak is designed to offer surfers the most comfortable lightweight surfing experience possible. A combination of exclusive, innovative materials and our famous high standards for fit have enabled us to launch a new concept into the wetsuit market. The Hyperfreak suits initially consisted of ultra lightweight, summer focused products. Now 7 years on the range has been expanded to an impressive 39 different variations! It’s by far the best-selling range of performance suits we’ve ever had.

Technobutter 3 (at the time our most advanced neoprene) enables us to offer a wetsuit which helps bridge the gap between warmth and flexibly. A trade off which can be hard to balance for any surfer. By drastically increasing the air content in the foam neoprene itself and reducing the amount of nylon in the outer and inner jersey TB3 has revolutionised wetsuit design.

In 2022 we released TB4 and added yet another suit to the Hyperfreak family. The Hyperfreak Fire. Our TB4 neoprene is more durable, made from more sustainable fabric and offers increased heat retention by including Graphene fibres in the nylon. Adding to all this internal firewall (a hydrophobic layer helping the suit stay dry and warm) and Fluid Seam Weld (liquid pored polyurethane, maintaining the strength of the seams) The Hyperfreak Fire now brings lightweight flexibility into much colder water conditions.

The best fitting, most lightweight, flexible and comfortable wetsuits ever!

O'Neill-wetsuitmaten uitgelegd

In plaats van alleen op lengte, zijn de maten van O'Neill-wetsuits ook gebaseerd op lichaamstypes. Sommige mensen zijn namelijk lang en slank, terwijl anderen weer brede schouders hebben of wat zwaarder zijn. Daarom bieden we niet alleen small, medium, large en extra large wetsuits aan, maar meerdere varianten van elk. SS (small-small) is bijvoorbeeld geschikt voor kleinere personen met een relatief grote taille en borst, terwijl S-T (small tall) geschikt is voor langere personen met dezelfde taille- en borstomtrek. De normale S is de beste keuze voor mensen die er tussenin vallen.

Wetsuit-maattabel voor heren

Bekijk de maattabel voor wetsuits hieronder om jouw ideale wetsuit voor heren te vinden. Als je afmetingen aan de bovenkant van een bepaalde maat grenzen, ga dan voor de grotere maat.

O'Neill wetsuit maten Lengte (cm) Gewicht (kg) Borst (cm) Taille (cm)
2XS 168-173 52-59 90-93 70-72
XS 170-175 57-64 93-95 72-75
SS 166-171 59-68 95-99 75-79
S 173-178 61-70 95-99 75-79
ST 183-188 66-75 95-99 75-79
MS 169-174 66-75 99-104 79-84
M 175-180 70-77 99-104 79-84
MT 185-191 73-82 99-104 79-84
LS 171-177 73-82 104-110 84-89
L 178-183 77-86 104-110 84-89
LT 188-193 82-91 104-110 84-89
XLS 174-179 82-91 110-117 89-94
XL 180-185 86-95 110-117 89-94
XLT 191-196 91-100 110-117 89-94
2XL 183-188 95-104 117-123 94-99
3XL 183-191 104-113 123-130 99-112
4XL 185-193 113-122 130-136 112-122

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