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Peter Lynn Escape 2014 5 meter 4 line SLE/BOW kite Used 5 times LAST ONE!

€ 299,00 Brand: Peter LynnPeter Lynn

Peter Lynn Navigator SL Push-Away BAR NEW 52 cm 2016Information
Best Bar 4 line USED 1 time allmost NEW for WAROO, Kahoona, TS and many other SLE/BOW kites 45 cm Information

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Peter Lynn Escape 5m COLOR white/black

Escape your limitations

It is time for the next generation! The Peter Lynn development team further fine-tuned the performance of the highly praised Escape. The next generation Escape is redesigned to provide you with awesome sessions and give you the confidence to take your kiteboarding to the next level.

We have had valuable feedback from schools, beginners and pros which has resulted in this new and improved iteration of the Escape.  Like the original, the Escape is a 4-strut SLE (Supported Leading Edge) all-rounder with a medium aspect ratio. It has been improved on some critical points, making it even more user-friendly and durable.

Tested in the rough elements of the North Sea, the Escape performs in whatever conditions mother nature throws at you. From the most washed up, choppy, gusty and challenging conditions to the most ideal tropical island breezes.

Comfort and progression

The Escape is hands down one of the most comfortable and easy to use kites out there for beginners and intermediate riders. Next to that, its exceptionally good performance will also let expert riders get more out of their sessions and progress faster, the Escape is that versatile!

A balanced mix of light weight and stronger materials has resulted in a lower kite weight and adds to responsiveness and overall control.


  •    Smooth predictable handling and kite feedback
  •    Great performance, wide windrange
  •    Superb depower range
  •    Quick and direct turning
  •    Controllable lift & boost
  •    Easy relaunch
  •    Various setup possibilities


  •    Medium Aspect Ratio, 4 strut SLE all-rounder
  •    One pump system for easy setup
  •    Multiple trimming options for customized handling & bar pressure
  •    Crash proof valves
  •    Efficient & durable lightweight wingtips
  •    Reinforced leading edge
  •    Direct connection struts
  •    Trailing edge reinforcements
  •    Extremely durable canopy
  •    Kook-proof line connections
  •  Improved handling and kite feedback
  •  The second generation Peter Lynn Escape is redesigned to give you a kite which is guaranteed to deliver perfect kite sessions every time you go out and provides you with the confidence to boost your kiting to the next level. Based upon its predecessor, the 4 strut SLE provides you with the best possible handling and kite feedback kiteboarders of all skill levels will surely love.
  •    Great performance, wide windrange
  •    The 2013 Peter Lynn Escape further builds on the accessible characteristics that made the first generation such a hit. In lower winds it handles, easy going, without sacrificing bar feedback while in high winds it is fast yet predictable. This makes the Escape suitable for many different levels and disciplines. The smooth power build-up ensures comfortable sessions but does not limit the kites performance when you really want to throw huge freestyle moves.
  •    Quick turning
  •    The Escape turns on a dime. This quick turning brings a lot of benefits, it makes it easy to loop the kite to get that initial boost you need to get going, it makes it easy to squeeze out power when flown in low winds and it also guarantees spectacular kiteloop action. The excellent bar feedback let’s riders feel in control and allows more experienced riders to place the kite exactly where they need it to utilize it’s power to the fullest.
  •    Controllable lift and boost
  •    Due to its supreme handling and kite feedback, the Peter Lynn Escape will be a great kite for “new-to-the-sport” kiters and less experienced riders. However, it would be a mistake to place it in that category as the performance of this kite is just too appealing to riders at all levels. The Escape offers big yet controllable lift, it will take you up high… and in control! The more experienced the rider, the bigger you can go: there are no limits with this kite. Boost throughout kiteloops can be controlled with amazing precision! Do you want to stay in control on your first kiteloops or would you rather be pulled in a horizontal line across the sky? You are in control of the power adrenaline the Escape delivers!
  •    Safe and easy
  •    The Peter Lynn Escape offers maximum depower and in combination with the Navigator SL safety systems is as safe as you can expect from any modern kite design. The 4-strut profile and refined shape of the kite combined with the optimized bridle make re-launching a breeze in any situation. So whether you are a beginner that needs to relaunch often while learning to ride, or an expert trying to dial in some fancy new tricks, you will not be wasting precious riding time by trying to get the kite back in the air, a simple tug on one of the backlines suffices.
  •    Various setup possibilities
  •    The Peter Lynn Escape comes with a wide array of set-up options. On the kite itself the rearlines can be set to heavy or light bar pressure allowing the rider to set up the kites’ windrange and performance to his personal preference. Next to these ‘on-kite’ settings, the complete package comes with the Navigator SL bar which is length adjustable and comes with 3m line extensions  (21m default + 3m separate extension lines), to further fine tune your kiting experience.


The Escape is available kite only or complete. The package contains:

  •    Escape kite
  •    Escape backpack
  •    Escape inner bag
  •    Peter Lynn 4-line LEI instruction manual
  •    Peter Lynn promotional items
  •    Repair kit
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