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Ozone EDGE V8 RED 10 meter USED KO for all FEIJENOORD fans!!!

CORE XL pump 2,9 liter comes with Boston valve and 9mm adaptor
LACUNA APEX BAR 51 cm complete with shortleash High V and low V option
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Very original kite ... if you like soccer 

Sizes Tested: 7, 11m

Ozone Says:

Over the season we have fine-tuned the Edge working on new bridle configurations enhancing the new Edge V8 with a smoother feel on the bar and improved handling characteristics. The Edge V8 is incredibly predictable; learning new big air moves or nailing those foil board and race board tacks has never been easier. The Edge V8 incorporates optimized layout of segments and balanced strut positioning resulting in a clean profile and canopy throughout angle of attack changes.

The Edge V8 is constructed with quality Teijin D2 and Teijin Dacron providing a crisper feel and a stronger kite. A low-drag pulley-less bridle system is achieved through optimized load distribution into the attachment points. The bridles are spliced using high quality Aramid line, which is 50% thinner than our standard bridle line giving the Edge a turbo charged feel.


Our Testers Say:

“This kite wants to defy gravity. It’s begging you to send it.” // Jon Dixon.

“I took the 11m Edge V8 out in light wind and was surprised how much power it had. It pulls like a 13m and depowers like a 9m.” // Dray Murray.

“Flies way up front in the wind window allowing for effortless riding.” // Max Mackendrick.


TKB Says:

The Edge is a 5-strut high aspect upwind machine which is known for its big boosting and massive hangtime as well as its course racing pedigree. The Edge inflates easily with a high flow Boston valve that requires the larger inflation nozzle, features a single setting fixed front bridle, two steering settings on the wingtip and Ozone’s super thin aramid bridle lines. The Edge got high praise for its light to medium bar pressure, it’s forward in the window flying which translates to quick upwind jaunts, and most notably its large boosting capabilities and standout hangtime. The Edge is not the fastest turning kite in Ozone’s offering and it doesn’t offer much in the way of drift — that’s because this kite wants to accelerate forward and generate a ton of lift as it accelerates. While these kites often are criticized for their lack of depower, testers seemed to think that the Edge depowered quite well. Overall, the Edge is a great freeride option for more experienced kiters and is one of the top choices for big air freestylers looking for extreme height and hangtime.

The Edge came with the Contact Water Control System, a fixed length bar (38cm, 45cm, 50cm and 55cm) that features a single center-line safety depower, PU covered center throw line, low-V, center lines that end in a loop rather than a knot, stainless steel cam cleat for tuning power, with a bungee built into the tuning slack and a magnet for the toggle to keep it from tangling in depowered situations. The length of throw is non-adjustable, and the outside lines are non-tunable, but the bar ends are soft with integrated floats. The push away quick release features a below the bar hand swivel and a release shield, and while the release is clean it is a two handed process to reset the quick release on the water. Testers gave the CWC control bar high marks for comfort with its slightly bigger diameter and plush grip, easy and always functional power tuning system and solid mix of useful features in a nice medium weight control bar.



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