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Peter Lynn Escape 5 meter 2015 4 line SLE/BOW kite NEW LAST ONE

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€ 349,00
Brand: Peter LynnPeter Lynn

Peter Lynn Navigator SL Push-Away BAR NEW 52 cm 2016Information
Best Bar 4 line USED 1 time allmost NEW for WAROO, Kahoona, TS and many other SLE/BOW kites 45 cm Information

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 5 meter color  =  green/blue


The Escape is one of the most comfortable and intuitive performance kites out there. Its stable and durable 4-strut design offers multiple trim 

We believe that every kite session should be enjoyable and inspire you to progress  and boost your confidence as a rider. To that end we have designed a kite that allows you to escape your limitations and gives you the freedom to enjoy every aspect of Kiteboarding comfortably and full of confidence.

The Escape’s smooth and predictable handling, bar feeling and controllable lift & boost immediately give he rider a feeling of safety and trust that inspires progression right from the moment you first launch it.
 Due to the adjustable bar pressure and bridle settings the Escape has a very large performance window, making it suitable for riders of different skill levels. Grow your skill and the Escape will grow with you!
By developing the Escape along the demands of pro’s and kiteschools as well as incorporating the feedback from beginner and intermediate riders, we can safely say that the Escape ticks all the boxes in terms of ease of use, handling, kite feedback and performance.
Riding the Escape is easy & fun and it will keep you stoked for many sessions to come

The Escape is one of the most comfortable and intuitive performing kites out there. Its stable and durable 4-strut design offers multiple trim options for customized handling and an incredibly broad performance range. Its balanced medium aspect ratio offers endless versatility at any level, its quick and direct turning is guaranteed to keep you stoked.
 This 3rd generation has a more performance orientated shape while at the same time retaining its user friendliness.
Raw power, efficient performance.
The Escape’s balanced 4 strut setup gives the kite a clean middle section which delivers a ton of raw power.
Its squared off wingtips make for quick turning and efficient use of the wind throughout the entire wind window. - S

De Escape kite van Peter Lynn is een van de meest comfortabele vliegers. Deze kite is stabiel en is gemaakt van duurzaam materiaal. Hierdoor heeft de vlieger een zeer groot bereik. Deze kijkt maakt bochten en snel draaien mogelijk. De Peter Lynn Escape kite is geschikt om prestaties te verbeteren. Met deze kite zult u optimaal kunnen genieten van de kitesport. Deze kite is soepel en voorspelbaar. Met de mee geleverde bar heeft u een goede grip op de kite en overigens een goede controle. Deze complete kite set geeft de kiter vertrouwen en een veilig gevoel. 


  • Peter Lynn Escape Kite
  • Bijbehorende tas
  • Binnentas
  • Kite Pomp
  • Reparatie set
  • Handleiding

water: flat

wind: 13 - 23 knots

test settings: 20m and 23m lines


We tested this 11m Escape in a very wide wind range, because we had the moms, dads and hard working weekend riders, in mind. Kitesurfers who just have a few moments to ride and those moments aren't always the best ones. Nevertheless you want to go out, right now! Well the Escape has that wide usability range. Great low and high end. At its low end the Escape is an easy to ride, fast turning kite with a great relaunch. At its high end you have a great depower and nice sheet & go airtime kite. A bit heavy on the bar, but nice for the feedback. Attach that with a mellow lift and you have a comfortable feel in overpowered situations. 
Big air allrounders, expect a fast kite with a great float and stable on/off bar control.


  • wide wind range
  • great relaunch
  • wide usability range
  • price






Peter Lynn's
Peter Lynn’s “pulley”

Peter Lynn; a company that makes kites for or over 40 years from a country that also is the home of several former kite world champions like Youri Zoon and Kevin Langeree: the Netherlands.
After several decades of developing foil kites,originally starting with Peter Lynn in New Zealand, the Peter Lynn company started to produce tube kites. So the company has a lot of experience and is perfectly located in a wind driven country. So far, so good. But what can we expect from their kites? We have tested the 2015 Peter Lynn Escape 9m.

It is in the little details where you will discover that Peter Lynn has put their experience to use while designing the Escape. For example a ring which slides along the bridle (instead of a pulley with damaging wheels), 4 struts (so no middle strut), a big in- and deflate and three possible settings for the steering lines.

Large in- and deflate
Large in- and deflate

There is just one detail which needs some explanation. Their safety system is configured with a different view, but offers two options regarding the setup of this system: the standard dual front line safety or the one with a longer line. The release of the push-away system (which works in a way that you can expect from a good safety system) on it’s Navigator SL bar is like many others, but the bar won’t sheet out as far away as most other bars from other brands.(see the video and the picture from the manual).

manual safety Peter Lynn Escape
manual safety Peter Lynn Escape

When you activate the safety of the Escape on the standard setting, a certain amount of pressure will remain in the kite. According to Peter Lynn this pressure doesn’t affect a safe stop. When a situation occurs which requires to activate your safety the remaining pressure in the kite will make sure that you don’t end up swimming through your lines and get tangled up by them. This allows you to easily retrieve your bar, launch your kite again or perform a self rescue if needed.It is a well considered choice that they’ve made, but for those who have their doubts regarding this safety system, like we do, the 2015 Navigator bar does come with an extra line that can be fitted (as can be read in the manual), which should release more pressure than the standard setting, once you’ve activated your safety. This is still no real total flag. Even after a second look at our review we had a firm discussion with Peter Lynn on it. We have had a look on it atseveral kite discussion sitesand it turns out most people supportthe opinionthatthe vast majority of dual front line safety systems out there are not entirely safe. Factors like how far the bar can go up, the shape of the kite and if the kite has pulleys, does influence the amount of pressure that remains in the kite after activating the safety. Safety is an important factor(that is why the wordsafetyturns up 62 times in the manual of the Peter Lynn Navigator bar) andas we understood talking with them, it could be that the next generation Navigator bar will have a total flag out safety system.

A second detail we don’t understand is the statement in the manual to pump the kite at only 6 psi. At 6 psi any kite will feel unresponsive and wobbly. Experienced kiters will pump the kite rather to 8 or 9 psi, which will give the kite the stability it needs. Especially in (over)powered or gusty situations. When asked Peter Lynn they answered just like Bull it is just a warranty clause and indeed far off from the real pressure needed. But there are also companies likeOcean Rodeo(8 psi for a 9m) and F-One (10 psi for the Bandit 8) that are fair enough to tell the truth and give the real needed pressure on their kites or in their manuals.

Navigator SL bar (s)

suicide mode
Safe suicide mode

ThePeter Lynn Navigator SL barhas 21m lines, a twistable depower line (something all 4 line bars should have), a slightly oval bar, a stopper “ball” on the fly which works at least as smooth as any other system we used.

One example of a neat solution from the Peter Lynn bar is how to ride on suicide mode (for unhooked tricks). The way the safety ring can be attached to the chicken loop (see drawing). This way it has almost the same safety as riding normally hooked.

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