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TEN The MARK 137 x 42 used board only with 5 vins few scratches

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€ 154,55

_Shinn Kiteboard SNEAKER 6 pads and VELCRO straps WILL FITT most boards!Information
Combo Q4 footstrap XL, black orange YETI KITEBOARDING YK Universal Foot Straps TWINTIP (pair) new XL EXTRA LARGEInformation

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Big-air reinvented


Nice used board 1 small 3 cm crack in tail see last picture

The Mark is het nieuwe wapen voor de echte hoogvliegers en stormchasers.
Speciaal ontwikkeld om met veel snelheid en druk gevaren te worden in extreme condities.

The Mark is super licht door zijn slimme hybride kern die deels is opgebouwd uit 'high density foam' aan de toeside kant en deels een Paulownia houten kern.
De volledig carbon lay-up zorgt voor veel controle en een zeer goede load 'n pop in overpowered condities.   

De vijfde vin op de heelside geeft samen met de channels ongekend veel grip en controle. 

Met meer druk varen, meer snelheid controleren = hoger springen.  
De rechte outline en middenvin zorgen ervoor dat je ook weer rap upwind bent! 

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A really nice board when you're searching for a board which is nice for hooked and unhooked tricks. Because of the rocker and a bit narrower tips you won't get spray in your face. Upwind is much better compared to other wakestyle boards. What i really like is that you get 5mm fins and 3mm fins. This way you can choose for a loose/playful board or a board with more grip.

Pro's: Good through chop, soft landings, a lot of pop, fin options, you can put wakboard boots on it.
Cons: A bit less lowend than a flatter board
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Hello, I wanted to ask if the straps and fins are included in the price of 498€? Thanks, Alexandra

Yes for 498 you get a complete board with staps pads grabhandle and finns

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I wanted to ask if the straps and fins are included in the price of 498€?


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