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Sabfoil SRD379 - Stabilizer Red Devil 379

Sabfoil Fuselage F650RD - Fuselage Red Devil 650 M6 / R6
Sabfoil Fuselage F700RD - Fuselage Red Devil 700 M6 / R6
Sabfoil Front Wing WRD596 - Front Wing Red Devil 596
Sabfoil Front Wing WRD636 - Front Wing Red Devil 636
Sabfoil Front Wing WRD776 - Front Wing Red Devil 776
€ 264,46
Stabilizer Red Devil 379


Surface: 181 cm2

AR: 7,98

Wingspan: 380 mm

Chord: 60 mm


Range Red Devil
Stabilizer-Fuselage Connection R6
Certifications PWA
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