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Arriba Arriba Synchro 2nd edition 7 meter Kite NEW CALL ME FOR A TEST RIDE 06-26712462 GERRIT


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€ 299,00
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Trade in your old equipment for this item


Testing the 9 meter.... 50 kph easy loops super smooth 360-ies :)

The perfect mix between Naish Park en een Slingshot RPM for half the price!!


After the success of 2014 we developed the SYNCRO 2nd Edition, the perfect weapon for all levels!

No matter you are freestylers, freeriders, waver, the new SYNCRO is perfectly suited to all conditions.

new design wingstip C style, new design reins V2, new valve AA Flash Pump, new window relaunch HELP RELANCH, construction Bomb, all this made the new kite total easy with top performance range.


Ability to cover every wind range with various sizes. Have an optimal power of the kite allows to progress quickly, so we cover every wind range. Studied for each condition.
The graph represents an ideal range of a rider of 75 kg using a plank of 135x40cm. (the effective range is given by the physical characteristics).
The details depend on many factors, to have an idea optimal, our data change the range of 3 knots per 15 kg (eg. 60kg 9mq 13-25kn =; = 90 kg


7 red/ ligth blue


- Carbon Kevlar reinforcements on all seams and torsion stress
- Help window Relanch
- Patch Protection Pump
- AA Flash Pump
- Bar pressure medium soft hard
- Double layer and double stitching on trailing Edge
- Triple-layer and double stitching on bladder
- SlimStrut Design

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