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Ozone EDGE V10 GREEN 7 meter USED KO spottless


€ 1.649,00

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€ 735,00
Merk: OzoneOzone

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nice kite!


The Ozone Edge V10 is a friendly kite that will take you higher than ever before. An easy park and ride with high jumps, that is what the Edge V10 does best. Now with an updated panel layout and new wingtip.

  • All-round | Freeride | Big air
  • Very effective
  • Friendly
  • Made to fly
  • Good low-end
  • Ozone Edge V10 Kite

    The all-round flying machine from Ozone

    The Ozone Edge has been one of the kites with the highest jumps and longest hangtime for years. Many personal WOO records were smashed after purchasing an Ozone Edge. The Edge was already a good kite, but on some points the previous model still needed some finetuning. The Ozone Edge V10 has these upgrades and is the best Edge ever!

    Reaching the 10th version of a kite is a real milestone. That is why Ozone has made a number of good adjustments. The V10 is a lot more stable in the air. Ozone has managed to achieve this by carefully adjusting the panel layout and a new wing tip. The canopy has also been made more robust to perform better in gusty conditions. A side effect of these adjustments is that the Ozone Edge V10 is a kite that steers faster than its predecessors. In addition, the bar feeling is a bit "smoother" to make you feel the perfect moment of take or even better.

    Apart from these adjustments, a number of things have of course remained the same. The Edge V10, for example, still has its open profile with five struts. Because of this profile, the Edge V10 is super effective with the wind, you can kite easily and the kite has a good depower. The bridle system works with pulleyless bridles, this makes the Edge V10 as direct as possible. The canopy is made of strong Teijin Techno Force D2 ripstop. All this is characteristic of a kite of real top quality.

    So, do you want to boost higher than ever? Reaching height that is really only meant for the Gods? Opt for the new Ozone flight machine! The Edge V10!


  • All-round | Freeride | Big air
  • 5 struts
  • 4 lines
  • Updated panel layout
  • Updated wing tip
  • Very effective
  • Large wind range
  • Good depower
  • D2 ripstop

    Ozone Edge V10 Kite
    Ozone Edge V10 Kite


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