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_Slingshot TALON SHORT Chickenloop to REPLACE LOOP for Slingshot Comp Stick Sentinel 2014 and newer ABOVE The Bar (ATB)

€ 29,00 Merk: SlingshotSlingshot

2018 Slingshot Talon Read more about what Slingshot says about the 2018 Slingshot Talon If you’re a dedicated surfer/freerider and you aren’t looking to unhook, the new 2018 Slingshot Talon is the perfect addition to your Slingshot bar. The chicken loop is quickly and easily replaced with the 2018 Slingshot Talon system to bring the bar closer to your chest and allow more fluid motion between the bar and your harness system. This allows for much more throw (power and depower through sheeting) on your bar, giving you even more control over your kite. Try it with the Ride Engine slider bar for the maximum range of motion between you, your bar, and your harness. Finally, it allows for much more security against unintentional unhooking. RIDE ENGINE SPREADER BAR IS REQUIRED FOR THE TALON CHICKEN LOOP REPLACEMENT 2018 Slingshot Talon Features Chicken loop replacement designed for Ride Engine sliding rope spreader bars Brings bar closer to your core Allows for more throw and depower The ultimate setup for surf and hooked-in focused riders Compatible with all Slingshot bars 2014 to current

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