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Do you own a website? Does you website's audience have an interest in kite surfing? And would you like to make some money? In that case join the KiteOutlet affiliate program!

Becoming affiliated with KiteOutlet is simple. Just follow the steps below.

  1. First, If you haven't done so already, register your account on this website.
  2. After you have registered and are logged in visit your personal affiliation page.
  3. To start participating in our affiliate program, simply change the setting 'Affiliate account active' to 'Yes', and save your settings by clicking the green 'Apply' button.
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  4. If you want you earnings as an affiliate to be automatically transferred to your Paypal account, fill in your Paypal address.


When you activate your affiliate account you accept the terms concerning our affiliation program.


So, what does becoming a KiteOutlet affiliate mean?

Once you have activated you affiliate account, you can start making money by referring visitors from your own website to For each purchase made by a visitor that came from your website, KiteOutlet will pay you up to 8% of the purchase price as an affiliate fee.

To start referring visitors, you need to place a special link to our web shop on your website. We track which visitors came from your links by appending your personal partner-id to that links. To correctly register any sales, you will need to make sure that you use the exact link that matches with your personal account. You can find the link on your affiliate page after you have set up your affiliate account and are logged in to the website. (Your partner link will look something like this: Make sure that you copy the link exactly the way it is shown!

You can use a simple text link, but we've also made some nice banner images that you can display on your website. To place a banner image on your site you need to copy the exact HTML code for that specific banner image from your affiliate page. Right now we only have a limited choice of images, but more may be added later.

You can use your personal affiliate link or banner images on as many pages as you like, as long as you make sure that you use the exact formatting of the link.

Keeping track of your earnings

Once you have placed your affiliate link into your website, of course you want to keep track of how many sales were made through your affiliate link. To do so you once more need to log in and visit your affiliate page. On this page you will see a section labeled 'Stats'. Here you can see how much you have from sales made to visitors that you have referred. To see exactly which sales are responsible for your earnings, click the green arrow.
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KiteOutlet will transfer any earnings you have generated once each month.



If you have any questions concerning our affiliate program, or if you want to become affiliated, but do not have a Paypal account, please contact us.


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